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Creative development and music development residency on Cockatoo Island for 2012.

12 January    Gai Bryant Quartet with Miles Merrill, spoken word artist – slam impro meets Kerouac
19 January    the NOISE - an epic sound installation with Internationally acclaimed composer Georges Lentz, teaming up with The NOISE string quartet
28 January    A mini festival by record label Pulled Out Music an exchange of ideas exploring the boundaries of common definitions of the word music.
4 February    Aidan Roberts and Daniel in a special blend of Blue Mountains chilled
18 February  Super Critical Mass – immersive and meditative performance-installations that articulate both instrument and architecture, led by Julian Day, Luke Janiste Janet McKay, featuring Ensemble Offspring, Continuum Sax and more.
3 March         Matt McMahon Trio – Matt McMahon, Jonathon Brown and Simon Barker take inspiration from this echoing warehouse space. 4-5.30
15 March       Adam Simmonds & Erik Griswold –saxophone and instruments and related objects in lieu of a piano
14 and
21st April      Tony Gorman’s Monday Club - "Each time we play something is found, a collective space is arrived upon, and so the journey begins anew even as it continues"

Performances are free or $10 and under.  Times, prices and dates vary, Please check each individual artist page for details.

New program on the mainland, coming up in 2012.

2011 Program highlights

3 September –
Sandy Evans & Tony Gorman
4 - 10 September, participate in the sound art installation.  Create your own music, bring your own instrument.  Free performance at 4pm on Saturday 10th September -
Russell Phillips
Performances on 1 & 2 October – residency –
Song Company
8 October - Jon Rose, Octopus project, as part of What is Music (additional guests to be announced)
15 & 16 October -
Sing Cockatoo - a cappella singing weekend & sleepover
5 November – street art festival,
Luke Escombe performance
26 November - Utility Fog Postfunkelectronic picnic
30 November - FBI Social with Hinterlandt, Julian Day and the Scrapes
3 December –
10 December - Ben Carey's Plutchek's Flower.

Pilot performances took place on Cockatoo island from 13 November to 4th December 2010.  A four week performance season of free performances on Cockatoo Island featuring the music of the Java Quartet, Kristin Berardi and James Sherlock, The Scrapes, Hinterlandt, the Vampires, and My Goodness McGuiness.

Colbourne Avenue who have a regular Thursday night gig. They specialise in improvisation and acoustic music in a very welcoming lounge room like space. Its BYO and all ages.  Glasses are provided as is free tea and coffee.

We are also supporting fledgling projects such as Impermanent Audio and artists we are currently  working with such as Misinterprotato and Lucian McGuiness and hope to have a creative development space for music in 2011.

At the moment we are working on some music programs for 2011 for venues such as Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. Katie Noonan & Karin Schapp, Kevin Hunt & Simon Tedeschi and
Phil Slater & Jonathan Zwartz.  Visit their website for more information. 

Our children's program for 2010 presented  Linsey Pollak - Passing Wind @ the Powerhouse Museum. Thanks to everyone who came along.

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