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These are ways of thinking or ideas that I have found inspirational from new technology to people who have just gone out there and made things happen.  If you know of more let me know.  Cheers  Joanne


Social media video
Social media stats updated in real time
Tjuppuru - Catalyst for social change
Ideas from Ted
Measuring Social media
Donna Williams, Metropolitan Museum -  keynote address

Not a new presentation, but quite catchy and effective - Social media quick hits.

Social media counter

Tjuppuru - Catalyst for social change- doing his thing with music

Ted ideas worth spreading website.  Lots of great ideas and inspirational stuff.


William Kamkwamba on building a windmill

William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

This is one about what you can do with some imagination and desire.  First party about how he did it and the second on what a difference building it has made to his life.

Measuring Social Media - MarketingNow Measurement
Laurel Papworth, social communications guru.
Presentation on Marketing Now Measurement and lots of other great information on new digital networking.
View more documents from Laurel Papworth.

Donna Williams, Chief Audience Development Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art presents insights into building a more inclusive organisation.  More keynote speeches and presentation at the Australia Council website. 

Totally inspiring in terms of someone who has just created and facilitated great connections with new audiences and as a spin off "friend" raising capacity.  However I fear that the video is not as dynamic as the live presentation, so sorry if it doesn't convey.

Donna Williams Keynote Part 3 from Australia Council for the Arts on Vimeo.

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