Alexander Munro

Alexander Munro is a Director of Ceres Solutions.  He provides advice on online strategy planning, implementation and management.

He spent 10 years as the managing director of Cherry Data Ltd, a UK based software consultancy working in the financial arena in London. Three of his major clients have been S.G. Warburg, Swiss Bank Corporation and Perot Systems.  Amongst many projects, highlights include designing and creating Perot’s first European Intranet Web presence, creating the ESNPMG £11 Billion portfolio fund management system, and for Computer Science Corporation, creating what was then and may still be the largest European retail forward planning system.

Alexander is an experienced business manager, senior analyst and software engineer in a wide variety of business environments.  He has specialised in developing business applications including document and content management systems, front and back office trading environments, fund management information systems, supply chain / retail systems, and text search and retrieval systems.
In June 2004 Alexander sold his content management system (the CMS this web site is using) to Inzen Pty Ltd, an application service company, who market and continue to develop the application as Kaboodle, a CMS / DMS / CRM tool used by a wide variety of clients. He is currently Chief Technical Officer of Inzen.

Contact details:

Alexander Munro 0414 814 855  amunro(at)ceressolutions.com.au

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