Ceres Solutions has specialist expertise in the following areas and specialises in contemporary music, children's theatre, marketing, branding, communications, lobbying and advocacy

Curating performance programs tailored for your event of venue
• Producing music programs with your choice of artists

Business planning and facilitation 
• Producing business plans
• Running strategic planning days with relevant stakeholders

Revenue Raising 
• Philanthropic
• Corporate
• Individual
• Fundraising events

Marketing, Branding and Publicity
• Review of existing strategies and overviews of arts sectors
• Marketing, branding and publicity planning
• Development of marketing, branding and publicity strategies
• Specialist knowledge in National contemporary music 

• Evaluation of current plans and processes
• Preparation of marketing, branding and publicity plans
– strategic and operational
• Copy writing
• Measurement of success of campaigns
• Brand management
• Media relations
Digital integration and marketing
• Evaluation of current online systems, software, hardware
• Preparation of digital plans
• Copy writing
• Review of existing plans
• Privacy, spamming
• Content downloads eg podcasts, MP3, links to Youtube,
  Facebook, Twitter
• E-commerce
• Measurement of success of campaigns

Corporate Governance 

• Systems audit
• Balance sheet analysis
• Reporting processes
Governance – legislation 
• ASIC/Office of Fair Trading compliance
• Organisational structure, eg members, voting rights, meeting requirements
• DEWHA; relevant state body legislation re fundraising
• Super
• Workers comp
• Insurance

Funding bodies relationship
• Review of grant applications
• Acquittals
• Financial reporting assistance - ongoing Customer service 



Evaluation of current systems and processes

Review and recommendations
• Reviewing potential revenue sources 
Evaluation of current business
• Identification of potential revenue generating opportunities
• Recommendations
• Implementation plans
• Evaluation

Online advice and strategies
Review of digital strategies and digital marketing plans
• Recommendations
• Implementation plans
• Evaluation

Saving money 
• Supplier relationships 
• Review of contracts and value of current suppliers
• Research and recommendation of alternative better value suppliers

Reviewing operations 

• Reviewing existing operations
• Recommending improvements to processes – leading to efficiencies and cost savings

Human resources 

• Board governance 
• Fiduciary duty of board members
• Recruitment
• Retention
• Succession planning
• Staff/board relationship
Staff training and professional development  
• Evaluation of skills levels within organization
• Recommendation of essential professional development/ desirable
• Sourcing training – internal or external
Volunteer/intern management and recruitment 
• Advice on volunteer policy
• Insurance
• Where to find appropriate volunteers
• Cost/benefit of management of volunteers


• Informal sounding board
• Sourcing external mentor (as part of full package)


• Strategic networking for specific outcomes
• Long term possibilities
• Developing partnerships

AbaF/ ArtSupport/ other professional orgs 
• Bridging relationship


Contact details:

 Joanne Kee                  0414 973 095                  jkee(at)@ceressolutions.com.au


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