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“Integral to our vision is excellence, accessibility, inspiring experiences and a plan to take original music to a wider audience where artists perform and collaborate in an anything-goes atmosphere,”
says Artistic Director Joanne Kee
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places + spaces aims to provide performance opportunities for artists and friendly places for audiences to enjoy and engage with the arts. 
places + spaces is a not for profit incorporated association. For more information please visit

On Sunday 17 April, 2011 we launched a creative development and performance space for contemporary Australian music, Cockatoo Calling  
on Cockatoo Island.  Many artists and inspiring performances later, our 2012 program is another eclectic mix of creativity with artists such as 
Gai Bryant Quartet with Miles Merrill, spoken word artist – slam impro meets Kerouac, sound installations, a mini festival exploring the 
the boundaries of common definitions of the word music, immersive and meditative performance-installations that articulate, the 
Matt McMahon Trio, Adam Simmonds & Erik Griswold and to cap off the residencies Tony Gorman’s Monday Club.

In 2012 we flew the coop and set up in various Rocks Popups.  We are now taking a break, with plans underway for 2014.

places + spaces now has its own website, please visit for more information.
Highlights from our performance series include performances on  Cockatoo Island featuring the Llew Kiek, Rusell Page's Sound in Context, 
Splinters from the Splinter Orchestra, Sandy Evans and Tony Gorman, Salvation Street Shout, Java Quartet, Kristin Berardi and James Sherlock, 
the Scrapes, the Vampires, Hinterlandt and My Goodness  McGuiness.  Thanks to everyone who came along.  Visit the pages for images and
some videos.

Highlights from places + spaces performances were Linsey Pollak in his musical show - Passing Wind, working with the team at Colbourne Avenue to support their 
eclectic programming of sublime musicians and helping fund a Now now performance featuring Chris Abrahams and Alister Spence at Eastside 
Arts and an experimental evening of music at Impermanent Audio featuring Mike Majkowski and Lucian McGuiness.  
  In our places + spaces series we have featured artists such as Taikoz, Topology & Karak, Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band, Judy Bailey's big band,   Misinterprotato and Froy Aagre and many more.

Visit our archive for videos of The Necks, Kristin Berardi Band, James Muller, Band of 5 Names, Adrian Klumpes, Elana Stone, Alister Spence, the Alcohotlicks, Citizens of Earth, The Crusty Suitcase Band,
The Translators and more. 

Subscribe and keep in touch if you want to hear performance dates, for special offers and other info.                                   


* Excellence
* Accessibility
* Inspiring experiences
* Taking original music to a wider audience


Java at Cockatoo Calling
* the development of Australian/New Zealand performing arts through presentation,
 promotion and education
* providing an infrastructure for performers that enables them to grow artistically
and commercially and to receive rewards for their success/audience growth
* support of young and emerging musicians and artists;
* the growth of performance opportunities for Australian and New Zealand performers;
* the development and nurturing of new and returning audiences to support live performances
* growing distribution opportunities of original music/live performance through all mediums
from traditional to newer generation technologies
* increasing audience interest and support for original music in all these mediums.
* the presentation of Festivals and Seasons which supports the above principals.
These include but are not limited to a Music series and Children’s Festival.

If you would like more information please phone/email 0414-973095/jkee(at)

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